Prospects West 2012 Final Report

The 2012 Prospects West camp wrapped up yesterday, with a mini-meet at the Olympic Pool in Montreal. The camp had ninety-six 12-14 year-old swimmers from BC, Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Throw in six more from the host PPO club and you have quite a group.

The swimmers soaked up all of the excitement of the meet and had the opportunity to see many of Canada’s best in person.

The swimmers had educational talks from a number of sources. National Junior Coach Ken McKinnon spoke about the need for swimmers to pay attention to their technique and race strategies while in practice. Physiologist Shane Esau gave a presentation on hydration. Judy Goss, a sport psychologist from CSC-Ontario presented on the importance of developing a working tool box of mental skills. Bio-mechanist, Allan Wrigley gave a precise, practical talk on starts.

The pool sessions were based around stroke counting and the reliability of that at speed. Other topics covered were how to even split races and the development of easy speed.

The swimmers did race analysis of the previous night’s finals each morning, looking at stroke count, stroke, rate, splitting and the technical details.

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