Youth Cup, Toronto November 28-December 01

A Youth team of 15&U girls and 16&U boys will be selected to travel to Toronto to compete in the North York Aquatic Club's Youth Cup. We are sending a team to this meet to have a higher level racing opportunity at this time of the short course season. This is a tough competition that requires some very good swimming in the heats to advance to the final.
Please note the team selection will be done differently this year. Swimmers will be ranked by total FINA point scores in both events in a stroke category. In the stroke categories that means adding the 100 and 200 meter scores and  in IM the 200 and 400 scores. In freestyle the distance category will be the 400 plus the 800 or 1500. Sprint freestyle will be the two best scores from the 50-100 and 200 freestyles.
Since both this meet and the Paul Bergen selection have an "and Under" category it is possible that some swimmers may qualify for both teams. In that case swimmers will have to choose one or the other to represent Team BC.