Northwest Regional Camp Report

Regional Coach Mike Flegel, Provincial Coach Vince Mikuska and 2012 Olympic Team member, Heather MacLean of the Vancouver National Training Center and the UBC Thunderbirds, visited Terrace this past weekend for the Northwest Regional Training Camp.  In addition to a great swimming camp experience, we all got to experience first-hand what a 7.7-magnitude earthquake feels like when you're a little over 200km from the epicentre (it's not something that you don't notice, that's for sure).

Twenty-seven swimmers representing Prince Rupert Rapids, Kitimat Marlins, Terrace Bluebacks and the Bulkley Valley Otters (Smithers) took part in the two day event which featured our usual four water sessions, plus talks revolving around nutrition and some mental performance skills.  

Coach Mike led a lively discussion about nutrition, discussing the six basic nutrients: carbohydrates, protein, fat, minerals, vitamins, and water, and the importance of timing the intake of those to recover properly from workouts as well as to achieve optimal performance. 

Heather introduced the concept of S-M-A-R-T Goals. Goals need to be: Specific-Measurable-Attainable-Realistic-Timely. It is one thing to have a goal, its another to have a process laid out that will lead you through the required steps to achieve that goal.

Heather talked about her extensive use of imagery in her race preparation. She advised that sometimes doing imagery before bed leads to difficulty going to sleep because you get too excited watching yourself achieve your goals.

Coach Vince led the swimmers through a series of relaxation exercises. That was followed by an imagery exercise where swimmers found themselves first standing in their kitchen and then proceeding to make and eat a sandwich. The swimmers were told to use as many senses as possible in creating their imagery.

That exercise was followed by a race visualization. The swimmers were reminded to try and use a stopwatch and stroke counts to try and perfect their imagery in real time. Visualization can also be used to help master a new skill or make a technical correction.

A list of the workouts can be reviewed here.

The results from the timed 25m underwater dolphin kick are here.