Vote Thumbs-UP! For Sport in BC

Thumbs-UP! For Sport in BC


Sport builds character.

Sport provides an opportunity for children and youth to learn essential life skills like teamwork, leadership, goal setting and learning from others. Sport also build physical skills, healthy lifestyles and has a laundry list of positive to mental and emotional health. Like KidSport says - "Sport Skills are Life Skills".

Sport is a vital public service.

Good sport is a vital public service that brings people together in positive ways - as participants, as volunteers, as leaders, and as community builders. Sport is an integral part of BC's communities.

Sport enables community wellness and safety.

Today’s headlines concern all of us – sport makes a difference by helping to build safe, inclusive and connected communities.

Sport contributes to healthy living.

Our current generation of young people will have a lower life expectancy than their parents – sport for life can make a difference.

Sport is an important part of the economic turnaround.

The economic downturn is impacting families and communities across the province - sport can take part in the turnaround process and make an economic difference.

Sport promotes environmental sustainability.

We all share a concern for the sustainability of our environment – sport leaders can make a difference by promoting good practices and conserving the natural environment.

Sport creates local, provincial and national pride.

Athletes lead the way in many respects - as Team BC members representing our province, as a contribution to Team Canada on the international stage and our BC Athletes will soon be the pride of the province at the 2010 Games. Last summer in Beijing, BC athletes like Carol Huynh (Wrestling Gold), Simon Whitfield (Triathlon), Richard Peter (Wheelchair Basketball) and our Rowing Teams lead the way in one of our country’s best-ever Canadian performances.

Sport builds community leaders.

BC athletes, coaches, officials and volunteers give back and make a difference – as role models for girls in sports camps, raising funds for international development efforts, promoting ethical sport, and connecting with school children about healthy living and the right to play.

To support BC Athletes:

Being a high performance athlete isn't easy. One of the major challenges all athletes face is finding enough funding to train and compete. Athletes depend heavily on parents, family, sponsors, their provincial sport organization and the provincial government just to get by. Programs like the BC Athlete Assistance Program and Growing Champions and organizations like provincial sport organizations are essential if we want to ensure high performance sport is available to all of the talented young British Columbians that will be inspired by the 2010 Games.

To support Clubs, Sports Leagues and Provincial Sport Organizations:

Athletes can't particpate in organized sport with out the support and opportunities provided by sports leagues, sport clubs and provincial sport organizations (PSOs). Thanks to the investment of the Provincial Government, BC has built a strong sport system, but these organizations need government funding to continue to provide great sporting experiences for all British Columbians. Sports leagues, sports clubs and provincial sport organizations provide the opportunities for athletes to enjoy sport and add tremendous value to communities across BC 

To support Schools, Colleges and Universities:

Our schools, colleges and universities are the breeding ground for our next generation Provincial Athletes right through to Olympians and Paralympians. It's also the starting point and training ground for our coaches, volunteers and officials who are vital for sport. Educational institutes rely on Provincial Government funding to provide sport opportunities and support student-athletes. Schools, colleges and universities are critical to the success of sport in BC, but they need continued support to ensure a pathway for all student-athletes to achieve their personal best.

To support Sport Organizations:

With the support of the Provincial Government, BC has built a strong sport system with provincial sport organizations and multi-sport organizations playing key roles to support athletes, coaches, officials and volunteers at all levels. These organizations are essential and deliver countless programs and services that nurture, grow and support sport in the Province.