NEW! FINA Suit Rules for Open Water Events

FINA has altered their swimsuit rule yet again, but this time, only with specific regard to Open Water competitions.

Effective June 1, 2010, the rules regarding swimsuits allowable for sanctioned or approved open water events, including the 2010 BC Open Water Championships, National Age Group Open Water 5km in Winnipeg, and the 2010 Open Water 10km race at Summer Nationals in Victoria, are as follows: 

  1. Any suits included on the currently published list of FINA approved suits, which is posted on the FINA website, are allowable. These are the same suits allowed for pool swimming.
  2. In addition, for open water competition only, suits for both men and women may extend to the ankle and may cover the shoulder. However, they must not cover the neck, extend past the shoulders or below the ankle. Because of this increased coverage allowed for open water competition, these suits will not be included on the FINA list of approved suits, but are allowable as long as they meet the other requirements of being made of full textile material with no zippers or fasteners

So, while many of the "long-legged" suits from the 2000-2009 era would be allowed, recognize that some of those suits (such as the original Speedo LZR or Jaked) would NOT be permitted, as they have panels or materials that are non-textile.