Quick Bits from Day 4 Prelims

  1. So much for the Phelps-Lochte showdown in 200IM. This was taken just as heat 1 hit the water. http://yfrog.com/83y5jdj
  2. BTW, awesome swims by Morningstar and Wilkinson in final heat of womens 200IM. JW 5th and EM 7th, overall, I think.
  3. Lochte totally in control in 200IM. 1:58.03 and was literally starting his cooldown with 15m to go. 25.1/29.3/34.4/29.2 Johns DNS
  4. Victoria Poon fifth overall in womens 50free. First non-USA swimmer.
  5. Hayden drops a 22.04 on the rest o the field to win first circle-seeded heat. http://yfrog.us/jtn5fz
  6. Hayden third overall in 50 free prelims. Cielo and Nathan sub-22 in last heat.
  7. Top CDN women in 200BR. Pierse sixth 2:26 McCabe 11th 2:27.4 Salli 14th 2:28.8
  8. Note the exemplary (or not) posture on the best swimmer in the world. http://yfrog.com/mvxfpxj
  9. Kitijima the class of the field in 200BR. 2:09.23 and totally in cruise mode last 15m. No one else sub-2:10. Dickens 11th in 2:13.35