See Yourself Swimming for Swimmers with a Disability Update

There has been a change of venue for our See Yourself Swimming session it will now be at the new Hillcrest Aquatic Center in Vancouver (see below).

Swim B.C. invites interested children and young adults with disabilities to become involved in our competitive swimming program.

On Saturday September 18, we will be running a “See Yourself Swimming” session at the Hillcrest Aquatic Center. This is a new pool located at 4575 Loranger Way (Ontario and 30th) in Vancouver. The session will begin at 12:00 P.M. and run for approximately two hours. There will be a water session with some of our current swimmers with a disability, as well as information about our programs for swimmers and parents. Swimmers for this session need to be water safe with a basic set of swimming skills.

This was previously announced to be at the Harry Jerome Pool. The new pool is listed above. We apologize for any confusion.

If you need more information on this program or where to find a club, please contact:

Marianne Alvarez


Vince Mikuska, Provincial Coach


Janet Dunn, Swimming Canada

Swim B.C. has been an integrated, inclusive sport for over 15 years. We have Para-swimming as part of our Provincial program at all levels from grassroots meets up through the Provincial Championships. We are committed to the development of swimmers with disabilities and their success.

Swim B.C. currently has athletes with various disabilities participating in our programs. Physically, visually and intellectually disabled swimmers have all been part of our swimming community since full integration in 1993. We view people with disabilities as athletes first, people second and a person with a disability third. The development of an active healthy lifestyle is our goal for all athletes.

Entrants into competitive swimming need to be water safe with a basic set of swimming skills. Swimmers are usually integrated into the able bodied program in most clubs. Appropriate groups are found to develop the swimming skills of all participants. Swim clubs with programs are available in most areas of the province.