November is 5km Pool Challenge Month

For the fourth year in a row, Swimming Canada is designating the month of November as its "5km Pool Challenge Month".  Every club is encouraged to offer the opportunity to each of their registered swimmers  to challenge themselves by completing a 5km swim in their short course pool.  

No sanction application is required, and no special pool setup is needed apart from having an adequate number of timers and counters available, and pool space/time to allow for no more than four swimmers per lane.


  • Who:  All registered swimmers in Canada
  • What: 5km Pool Challenge
  • Where: Club’s home pools (short course - 25m)
  • When:  The entire month of November 2011
  • Why: To challenge yourself 
  • Cost: Free


Steps for the club to participate: 


  • Step 1: Designate club/staff to volunteer to collect information / times
  • Step 2: Swimmers race the 5km  (short course – 25m)
  • Step 3: Club person enters results on Excel sheet provided
  • Step 4: Email results Excel sheet to Melissa Sweet at by December 9th


Time Trial format: 

  • Races performed during regularly planned practices
  • Starter and single timer per lane (single timer per swimmer if possible)
  • No more than 4 swimmers per lane is recommended

Results: Results will be posted on Swimming Canada’s website by December 16th, 2011

For more information, please contact Dave Haanpaa at or 613.260.1348 Ext.2010