Important Update on Masters Swimming Rules

During the meeting of the Technical Swimming Committee (TSC) of SNC on Thursday, February 3, 2011, a discussion was held regarding Masters Swimming Canada (MSC) rules. A motion was carried stating that the TSC confirms and acknowledges that the MSC Rules approved by the MSC board be applied at all Masters Sanctioned meets in Canada. 

This link on the MSC website has all the Masters Rules. These swimming rules have been prepared by the MSC Rules Committee in English and French and have been approved by the Board of Directors of Masters Swimming Canada, the body responsible for rules for Masters swimming competitions in Canada. They consist of the General Rules, Swimming Rules, Open Water Swimming Rules and Appendices. They are in force and shall govern all sanctioned Masters swimming  competitions in Canada. These rules shall be posted in English and French and if there is a conflict between the two, the English version shall prevail. A hip-pocket version is available from Masters Swimming Canada.

These rules are based on FINA Masters Swimming Rules which govern the conduct of FINA Masters World Championships in the format that was developed by the FINA Masters Technical Committee in 2008. They have been adjusted for all Masters swimming competitions in Canada, other than the FINA Championships. Rules listed as MSW are the original FINA Masters Rules, rules listed as CMSW are Canadian variations or interpretations of the FINA Rule.

Where ever possible the FINA numbering system is retained. It is similar to the SNC numbering system. The Rules have been updated to comply with changes and clarifications made by FINA at their July, 2009 Rome Congress and subsequently through 2010.

A notice will be sent to all Provincial Sections (ED Council and the Provincial Presidents Council). Please refer to the rules on the following website: and ensure that all officials are aware of these rules for all Masters meet in Canada.

Louise Leblanc
Chair of Provincial Officials Directors Committee