How To Create Relay Proof of Time

As stated in the meet information for SwimBC Championships meets, we require relay proof of time reports for all entered relays to create a fair and equitable system for seeding relay entries.

Be aware, though, that within HyTek Team Manager, clicking the NEW RELAY button will add a new relay team (designated "A"), and fill in the best time that ANY combination of swimmers from your club has done in that event and age group during the qualification period.  Unfortunately, if all four of those swimmers are not at the meet, or if any of them have aged up out of that age group, that time is not valid for proof of entry.

So, to create a legitimate proof of time for the swimmers you plan to use, here are some things that may help:

  1. From the TM main menu, select MEETS, then highlight the meet you're interested in (BC AA Champs, AAA Champs, whatever), then ENTRIES - BY EVENT (hopefully, we've all made it here already, but I thought I'd throw it in there just to make sure we're all at the same screen).

  2. Scroll down to the relay event that you want to enter - let's say 12&U Girls 200 M.R. - and click/highlight that event.

  3. Check the box that says ONLY ATHLETES ALREADY IN THE MEET

  4. Click the NEW RELAY button (this will add an "A" team; as stated previously, it will look for ANY relay team from that age group that has swum and enter their best time, even if those swimmers have aged up or are not entered - not what we want)

  5. In the list of names, there's a column with the heading 4Bst.  UNCHECK all the swimmers you DO NOT want to be picked for the relay.

  6. To do this more quickly, you can use the direction arrow up/down keys to move up or down on that list, and use the space bar to uncheck (or re-check, if it's unchecked) the "4Bst" box.

  7. Once you have your four swimmers that you want in the relay checked off, click the FIND BEST RELAY button over on the right-hand side of the screen.  It will calculate an entry time based on the best performances of those four swimmers that you have checked off.

  8. You can, of course, check off MORE than four swimmers, in which case, TM will calculate what the fastest combination of four swimmers is, based on each swimmer's best times

  9. Click the BEST RELAY REPORT button, and it will give you a printout of what we're looking for - the list of swimmers with their times, along with the entry time for the relay.  Print it as a .pdf document and then email that in to the meet manager - that will serve very nicely as your proof of time.

Now, time for the Q&A session:

Is this cumbersome?  

Is there an easier way?  
There might be, but I don't know how.  If you do find another method, remember that we need to see the names of the four swimmers, their times, plus the meet at which they swam that time - and then, of course, the time for the relay. 
(And then please share - I want to know how to make this easier!)

Why do we have to do this?  
We just wanted to do whatever we could to ensure the most level playing field for entering the top eight teams in the final heats of the relays.  We want to have a great competitive environment, and at the same time, make it fair to everyone entered.

Thank you for your cooperation with this.