Day 4 at 2011 Age Group Championships

Day 4 of Age Group Championships had a medal count similar to Day 2. Tonight we had 3 individual Gold, 8 Silver and 3 Bronze. We have already exceeded our Gold and Silver medal count of 2010 and approaching our medal count of 2009, with a day remaining in the meet.


Gold Medals

200 Breaststroke

Kierra Smith, LLSC 16-18 years

James Dergousoff, CHENA, 14 years

200 Freestyle

Danica Ludlow, PGB 14 years

200 Freestyle Relay

CHENA (15-18) Girls

M. Jung, A.Momen, N. Hernandez, C. Philpotts

UBCD (16-18) Boys

S. Holson, J. Chan, J. Kraft, E. Zhao


Silver Medals

100 Backstroke

Aleckxeis Aficianado, UBCD 12&U

Haley Black, PGB 14 years

Mackenzie Summers, UBCD 15 years

Marcus Thormeyer, UBCD 13&U

Peter Brothers, IS 14 years

200 Breaststroke

Esmee Smit-Anseeuw, PSW 12&U

Hillary Metcalfe, LOSC 13 years

Harry Duan, WSC 13&U


Bronze Medals

100 Backstroke

Lauren Crisp, UVPCS 12&U

200 Breaststroke

Nina Takahashi, UBCD 13 years

200 Freestyle

Justin Schramm, LOSC 13&U

200 Freestyle Relay

IS (15-18) Girls

H. Bradley, C. Walter, C. Macdonald, T. Padington