Information on World Junior Swimming Championships.

Swimming Canada wishes to notify the swimming community that the dates and location of the upcoming 2013 World Junior Swimming Championships have not yet been confirmed by FINA. We hope to be apprised of this information by the end of December 2012 and be able to confirm the dates, location and selection criteria shorty after being notified.

If the dates of the meet are similar to Lima 2011 or mid-late August we feel we can run our team selection at the Summer Nationals in Pointe Claire July 17-21, 2013.

However, if the World Championships dates are set any earlier than mid-August we will have to run the team selection at the Spring Trials in Victoria, April 3-6, 2013.

We feel it’s important that all eligible coaches and swimmers are aware of this potential early selection date.

Swimmer Age Eligibility

We are assuming that the age of eligibility that will be used for this competition will be based on the same target age group as in the past.

Males Swimmers born in 1995-1996-1997 Females Swimmers born in 1996-1997-1998

Draft Swimmer Selection Information

For the purpose of providing information about this team selection, here are the general guidelines that we will be using to select the team:

  1. The top eligible male and female swimmer in each Olympic Event will be selected

  2. The remaining second place swimmers will be ranked by FINA points and the top

    swimmers will be selected until the team size of 13 male and 13 female swimmers is


  3. After selections 1 and 2 above are complete, the 14th swimmer of each gender shall be

    determined by the next performances by eligible Swimmers for each gender from the 100m and 200m freestyle events. These Swimmers shall be ranked together utilizing the current FINA Points Chart. The highest ranked male (1) and the highest ranked female Swimmer (1) regardless of event shall be selected.

Draft Coach Selection Information

5 performance coaches: Fully certified NCCP Level 3 OR new NCCP equivalent AND Coaches of Canada Membership OR Coaches of Canada “Charter Member” as of the selection date. 

The update bulletin can be found at the following link: