2012 Canadian Age Group Championships - Day 4

On Day 4 of the Canadian Age Group Championships Lauren Crisp UVIC-PCS, Marcus Thormeyer VAND, Kierra Smith LLSC, and Sherry Liu, Hyack earned their third gold medal. Skyeler Kerr INCONNU, James Dergousoff Chena and Stefan Milosevic Hyack, also reached the top of the podium. Eighteen individual medals were won, 7 gold, 4 silver and 7 bronze. Saturday’s night’s medal results by event are as follows.

 100 Backstroke:

  • 12 &U year old girls, Lauren Crisp, UVIC-PCS, gold (New SwimBC record)
  • 15 year old girls, Haley Black, PGB, bronze
  • 14 year old boys, Marcus Thormeyer, VAND, gold
  • 16 year old boys, Ryan Howe, UVIC-PCS, bronze

 200 Breaststroke:

  • 13 year old girls, Jasmine Whelan, Hyack, bronze
  • 14 year old girls, Hillary Metcalfe, LOSC, silver, Nina Takahashi, VAND, bronze
  • 16-18 girls, Kierra Smith, LLSC, gold
  • 15 year old boys, James Dergousoff, Chena, gold
  • 16 year old boys, Luke Reilly, VAND, silver

 200 Freestyle:

  • 13 year old girls, Megan Dalke KCS, bronze
  • 15 year old girls, Danica Ludlow, PGB, silver
  • 16-18 girls, Sherry Liu, Hyack, gold
  • 13&U year old boys, Skyeler Kerr, INCONNU, gold
  • 14 year old boys, Justin Schramm, LOSC, bronze
  • 16 year old boys, Gabe Lee, VAND, silver
  • 17-18 boys, Stefan Milosevic, Hyack, gold, Edward Zhao, VAND, bronze

200 Freestyle Relay:

  • 17-18 boys, VAND, silver, Jonathan Kraft, Edward Zhao, Nicolas Kasting, Sergey Holson