Western Canadian Championships Day Three

On the third day of the Western Canadian Championships in Saskatoon BC swimmers were led by WVOSC Emily Overholt’s two gold medals in the 15&U girls 200 Butterfly and 400 Freestyle. Other gold medalists were Edwin Zhao PSW, 16&U 200 Butterfly, Harrison Lagzdin PGB, 16&U 200 Backstroke and Eva Nagy CDSC, 15&U 50 Breaststroke. BC swimmers totaled five gold, four silver and eight bronze medals.

Silver medalists:

Haley Black PGB, 16&O 200 Butterfly

David Dimitrov LLSC, 17&O 200 Butterfly

Saveli Yungman PBG, 16&U 200 Butterfly

Hillary Metcalfe LOSC, 15&U 50 Breaststroke

Bronze medalists:

Amy Sun WVOSC, 16&O 100 Freestyle

Heather Lam VPSC, 15&U 100 Freestyle

Stefan Milosevic Hyack, 17&O 100 Freestyle

Heidi Bradley IS, 16&O 200 Butterfly

Patricia Fortier PGB, 15&U 200 Backstroke

Rohan Jacobs LLSC, 17&O 200 Backstroke

Olivvya Chow PSW, 16&O 50 Breaststroke

Mackenzie Branham VPSC, 16&U 50 Breaststroke