Arena Powerskin Carbon Pro Disallowed for Zajac Meet

To:          The membership of Swimming Canada AND entrants in the Canada Cup – Vancouver (Zajac International) 
From:     Ken Radford
Date:      May 10, 2013

Within the past week it has come to our attention that the Arena Powerskin Carbon Pro suit (FINA Code AR220993; AR220994; AR141364) has been removed from the FINA approved swimwear list.   Arena is working to rectify a manufacturing issue and has instituted an "Arena Carbon Pro Replacement Program".  Please contact Arena for more information.

Swimming Canada has examined the issue carefully and wishes to emphasize to all competitors that the Canada Cup - Vancouver (Zajac International) is categorized as a FINA World Championship qualifying meet and a Swimming Canada Selection Competition.  Therefore, as is the practice at all Canadian Trials Events, the FINA Approved Swimwear rule will be in effect. This then would require use of swimwear that appears on the FINA approved swimwear list:(

Coaches are reminded that swimwear issues are to be 'self-policed' by the coaching community.  Alleged indiscretions of the FINA Swimwear rule can be brought to the attention of the Meet Commission via a  "Swimwear Challenge".

All other competitions in Canada are categorized as per the FINA statement "Events at national level are subject to the rules issued by Member Federations (ie/ Swimming Canada)".  As such, Swimming Canada will extend an exemption period for meets (other than the Canada Cup – Vancouver) for the aforementioned "Arena Powerskin Carbon Pro" through to July 15, 2013. 

The FINA Swimwear rule will be in place for Summer Nationals (selection event) and Canadian Age Group Championships (Youth Olympic Games qualifying meet).

Canada Games will be an exempt meet.

Ken Radford
Interim CEO / Directeur général intérimaire
Swimming · Natation Canada
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